torsdag 15 mars 2012

Baklavaa - Hairmoans

These guys emailed me and asked me to check their music, they described it like this: "I don't know how I would describe it except by saying it is weirdo rock music from baltimore."
It's weird, groovy and good.

"This recording began production Autumn 2010. It took over a year to be released due to line-up changes, conflicting schedules, car troubles, illness, equipment malfunction, and weird parents. Everyone who has ever been in this band has contributed in some way to this album including Eric Paltell, Brent Cowell, Jake Wilkerson, Phil Brady, Jacob Seaton, Luke Heckel, Geoff Erhard, Matt Miller, and Dominique Wilson. We'd like to thank them for becoming a part of us regardless of how short a time it may have been.

Hairmoans embodies teen angst and masturbation. It's like catching a really crucial wave on your boogie board and then seeing your parents having sex on the shore."

Bandcamp (with free download)

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