tisdag 23 augusti 2011

Circle Takes The Square - Rites of Initiation

Yes, I took the picture from somewhere and I can't be bothered with that little text down in the corner.

Anyway, this is CTTS new album, FINALLY. The fact that there's just 4 songs on it is a turn-off. 7 years, 4 songs. If that isn't unproductive then I don't know what is.
They are lucky it's such a good album, otherwise I'd be furious. It's raw, more than it was before. Check this out.

EDIT: "Bobo: Rites of Initiation is only part 1/3 of CTTS' newest album so don't be sad! The actual release is in November!"

3 kommentarer:

  1. I feel like there will be more considering it's vol 1 out of something

  2. Seriously? stop complaining, and enjoy the free tunes. Circle Takes The Square clearly isn't doing this for money, they obviously have their individual lives to live. wake the fuck up.

  3. i am not complaining in a serious way. i was, you know, joking. im thrilled that they are releasing new stuff