tisdag 14 juni 2011

Yes, I Do Like Night Bus

Call me hipster or w/e, I love this collection. I've become a great fan of electronic music these days, so there will be more of this. I'll try to keep up with the skramz as well!

Now for some ctrl+v about night bus:

"It's UK dance music that is the offspring of drum'n'bass, raised by dubstep, just out of high school and now has to lead its own life. The mass of these subgenres are like a self supporting ecosystem that possesses the skill to provide the perfect soundtrack for every hour of the day, every situation, feeling or mood.

Night bus is the sound of the feeling that you only experience in the haze between leaving the club and turning in your bed. The feeling between the excited expectations of going out and the despair of early morning. That's what night bus sounds like"
Swedish journalist Andres Lokko

Yes, I Do Like Night Bus

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