onsdag 20 oktober 2010


'A fucking mess' was my first thought when I first heard Gorguts a few years ago. the irony is that's what I came to love about em. In the beginning I didn't like it at all. I really didn't get it. It just seemed totally twisted and insane. But somehow, and I really don't know why; I kept on listening to these guys from time to time. The chaos they've created seemed somehow soothing and calming, and I eventually came to love them.

Gorguts plays maybe the most chaotic, insane, disturbed, technical, fast and aggressive metal that I know of. Every riff they do is amazing, the drums are simply just perfect and Luc Lemay's vocals just puts a cherry on top of the 'what the fuck is happening in my head'.

If you are into disharmonic and technical stuff and do not get frightened by the term 'death metal' I would suggest you try letting these guys destroy your mind for a while. You will maybe come to like it. I suggest you start off by listening to the album 'From Wisdom To Hate', since the opening track 'Inverted' shows you what they are all about about from the very first second. Gorguts actually started in the early 90's as a straight out death metal band (which imo is cool too! but,) I'm not gonna talk about that period, since I find they're insane-tech-metal stuff much more interesting.

It would be a shame to compare Gorguts with any other band. They are simply just unique, and that is what you will come to hate or love about them.

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