lördag 28 augusti 2010

Still Life

"Still Life was a 3-piece rock band from Moorpark, California. They are credited for helping pioneer the first wave of what is often referred to as emo/emocore /screamo bands in this subgenre that is rooted in punk rock. They started in the late 80s with the name Monster Club. They changed their name in 1991 after the departure of the original lead singer who joined the band Strife. They were active until 2003. Former Members Paul Rauch and David Pitzel have started a new band named Old Ground and continue to use Still Life's label, Sunflower Tribe."


My friend requested these guys, so here they are! And no, its not exactly a "rock band" as wikipedia says.

The Madness And The Gackle,
Slow Children At Play And Beyond,
Limitations, Boundaries And Failures,
From Angry Heads With Skyward Eyes,
The Incredible Sinking Feeling

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  1. wow, I wouldn't have guessed there was a connection between Still Life and Strife.