onsdag 9 juni 2010


Great band from Berlin that I've seen two days in a row now. One of the best screamo-bands there is, basically. How they play with the beat and the tempo is just amazing to hear and enjoy. And they are just incredible live, the tunes makes you want to dance like crazy. Plus that they are all very friendly and nice people.
Their new split with Grave, shovel. Lets go! will hopefully come up in a day or two.
Check this out.


Demo (2004),
Dont Correct Me If Im Wrong,
Tour CD (2006),
Split w Radio Burroughs,
Split w Shokei, Kids Explode, The Falcon Five,
Split w Dodewaard, The Third Memory, Thema Eleven,
Split w Teeth of Mammals, Kias Fansuri, Narwhal

2 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks! I've been looking for more of their stuff.

  2. Hi, I'm still looking for that stuff from ToMammals. But all these links are unfortunately down :(