torsdag 11 mars 2010

Florentine Camerata


Just got two CDs from this band, one 4 song demo entitled "Under the moon" and a 3 song split with a band named Caulfield. They play some sweet skramz with lyrics I wish I'd written myself.
They seem to have taken down their webstore, but if you mail them you can get their CDs for $1 and 1 cent respectively (yes, one cent, it's almost ridiculous), these guys are really friendly.

I'm sorry the songs are in .cda format, for some reason I was unable to convert them.

5 kommentarer:

  1. omg you posted something

  2. download says its 1.5 kb/s \ :

  3. Definitely going to order these guys' music asap.

  4. .cda can't be converted to anything, as it doesn't contain and audio material

    oh, bother

  5. can anyone get a hold of these guys? i cant get a response from them on myspace or via email.