måndag 4 januari 2010

Texas Instruments/Bottle Rocket

Hi again everyone, hope you had a nice start on the new year and so on.

Got emailed about this band by one of the band members of Texas Instruments, thanks.

I'll start with Bottle Rocket, an instrumental 4-piece post-rock band from Kansas City. Builds up a great tempo and intensetivity without a herd of instruments. Their song on this split is called "I know you are only angry because you can't find a place in life" and it's a 9 minutes long piece and it's pretty enjoyable.

Texas Instruments are a two-piece screamo band from Independence, Kansas. I'll quote the band: "We consider ourselves a screamo band (more along the lines of City of Caterpillar screamo than hawthorne heights screamo). We have emotional lyrics and raw, visceral emotional ties to the music that we play".
I myself do really enjoy this, so check out this split, it's a great post-rock band and a great screamo band as well. Hope you'll enjoy this.

Texas Instruments Myspace,
Bottle Rocket Myspace,

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