måndag 18 januari 2010

Curl up and Die

good hardcore/metalcore from Las Vegas, Nevada. called it quits in 2005 according to last.fm, but they managed to release some awesome stuff during the 7 years they were together. enjoy.

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  1. This band absolutely ruled. The One Above all is a epic fucking album.

  2. Yeah, I have a majority of their discography sans "1998". Even though i had a hard time understanding what Mike Minnick says, the fucking lyrics are awesomely depressing,

  3. I have...

    The Only Good Bug Is a Dead Bug[EP](2001)
    We Are All Robots(2002)
    We Can Be Through With the Past... [EP](2003)
    ...But the Past Is Not Through With Us [EP](2003)
    The One Above All, the End of All That Is(2005)

    The only things I am missing is the 1998 EP and they're first 2 demos. If you have those than you rule. If you need anything of mine let me know.

  4. DUDE hook it up w/ some links!!

  5. i've got them all on my blog:

  6. CUAD is the greatest thing to happen to me. sad it took this long for them to be posted here.