tisdag 5 januari 2010

And They Say

And They Say is an ambient/drone/noise/post-rock project by Rickard Markström who also plays in Dvalá.

There are two albums. One wasn't really supposed to be an album, it's more a soundtrack to a dying star. That is, how Rickard thinks it would sound when a star dies. So turn of shuffle, put the lights out, raise the volume, and just listen.

The other one is a live album from a show at Café Mic. Quoting Rickard (less or more correct due to translating): "The main idea with the project is that you can do anything you feel for (if you feel like lying on the floor screaming, just do it)."
The show was fully improvised and he showed the japanese movie Ichi the Killer and the psychological anime thriller Perfect Blue at the show, so that he would create some sort of soundtrack for the movie with his music.

"And they say is a musical project by Rickard Markström. For live shows he let’s friends contribute with art and also occasionally reeds. He’ll also give them the freedom to express whatever they feel on stage.

The sound can be described as a hybrid of acoustic singer-songwriter, screamo, noise, ambient, post-rock, post-hardcore, progressive rock and psychedelica.

Upcoming releases is one album, two ep’s and a special split with friends Echo, echo, landscape! on floppy disc."

Hgi-9884 (that would be the soundtrack)

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