måndag 7 december 2009

The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffeltower



"On their earlier work, their music incorporated elements of punk rock in a jazz-oriented improvisational and constructional sequence, whilst later works incorporated a more noise and lo-fi approach. Their name is taken from the book Lipstick Traces: A Secret History of the 20th Century by Greil Marcus, itself a reference to a line in Guy Debord's 1978 film In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni.

The band was known for their confrontational live shows. While performing on their 2005 tour with The Blood Brothers and Big Business, each member wore a red armband with "PLOT" written in a white circle, intentionally mimicking the armbands worn by members of the Nazi Party. However, none of the band had National Socialist beliefs, as several members of the band were of Jewish descent. The armbands were in keeping with thematic/aesthetic elements associated with the 3rd Reich that was prevalent on their album Love in the Fascist Brothel.

Live shows often included "everything from smashing the stage, molesting the microphone to random acts of homo-erotic behavior." Welchez often walked into the crowd to spit on, kiss, touch or undress members of the audience, especially men, to which some people took offense. At one stop on their final tour, Brandon even insisted on half of the audience joining the band on-stage during "SLC Hunks" and encouraged them to "brutalize" the band.

Welchez also claims they caused a "near riot" in Salt Lake City, and caused a "piss waterfall" in Baltimore, which lead to them being banned from playing in the city.

The Plot won the San Diego Music Award's "Best Punk Act" award two years running, in both 2005 and 2006."

Personally i find the mix just wonderful. The saxophone (my favourite instrument by far) makes everything awesome.
This is something you should download just so that you can hear it, this is pretty much one of the most experimental thing I've ever heard.

Love In The Facist Brothel,
Dissertation, Honey,
INRI+Split 7" with Necktie Party (tagged as If You Cut Us, We Bleed)

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  1. the download link to split with necktie party is the same as to INRI EP - is that right?

  2. This band is excellent! I miss them! :(

  3. Missing the If You Cut Us, We Bleed ep. I'll try to upload it myself.

  4. yeah i know, couldnt find it anywhere. id be grateful if you did! send me a mail or something and ill upload it after youre done :)