måndag 21 december 2009

Manual Zombie

As the band member said themself:
"zero budget garage, punk, noise, fuzz, psychedelic stoner rock with lots of reverb. Samples, loops, distorted vocals, drum machine and tambourine.

influences: velvet underground, black flag, pink floyd, skinny puppy, goblin, blue cheer, hawkwind, black sabbath, john carpenter".

Something out of the ordinary on the blog! Check it out. Gets me in a different mood and state, its cool. My girlfriend said: "it sound like some depressive Joy Division". And Joy Division is probably one of the best bands on the world so.

Cheers and happy holidays or something. Hope you wont get a stressful christmas. I'm tired.

Autumn LP

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  1. Happy YOOOO YOOOOOO from DominiKan RepuBlik THA LAND OF MAMBO AND MOSH Jeremy