torsdag 17 december 2009

Beau Navire

New screamo band with members of I Wrote Haikus About Cannabalism In Your Yearbook and Spectres.
Some really rad shit, give it a listen. They have a split comming up with the band Suffix.

And to something different, a new band is hopefully on the way in Stockholm, Sweden. With members of Pesanteur, The Hope And The Failure and Followed By 37 Seconds Of Happiness I can guarantee you that some awesome stuff is comming up.


6 kommentarer:

  1. Was at that show. Moldar was amazing.

  2. they are amazing so im not suprised. i envy you dude

  3. I think this was actually Beau's first show, at the time they didn't even have a name yet. The guitarist from IWHACIYY is pretty damn good.

  4. bass player is from spectres as well! awesome mix

  5. I know, the show was in his basement lol

  6. was trying to show off with my skramzknowledge dude :( bah, wish i lived in the states sometimes