torsdag 26 november 2009


Hateful and dystopic crust/sludge at it best. The album Human=Garbage opens up with a 6 minutes long track of a guy screaming about how he hates the humanity, and then it swaps to the most awesome bassline i've ever heard.
You can feel the hate in every tone, the darkness and loneliness.
So, if you feel that you really hate humanity some day and want to listen to something that is just what you feel, this is the stuff for you. Tune on the song "Control All Delete" and just enjoy the first lines "Save me from my humanity. Save me from my human self."
Human = Garbage is a masterpiece.

Track List for S/T:
1. Now And Forever
2. Control All Delete
3. Leaning with Intent to Fall
4. The Growing Minority
5. Illusion of Love (Carcinogen cover)
6. #1 Hypocrite
7. My Meds Aren't Working...
8. ?

The Aftermath,
Human = Garbage

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