tisdag 6 oktober 2009

Single State of Man | Men As Trees

Single State of Man is a 4-piece screamo/post-rock band from Schweinfurt, Germany that formed some time in 2006 and Men As Trees is a 4-piece screamo/post-rock band from Auburn Hills, Michigan. Here's their new split 7" which was just released in August on i.corrupt.shows Records. If I'm correct and as it's stated in the previous Men As Trees post, I believe they were nice enough to put all of their releases up for free download, but either they took it down or I just can't seem to find the link, but oh well I'm pretty sure we've posted everything. This is the first of 3 vinyl splits to come from Men As Trees so be on the lookout for some new stuff coming from them towards the end of this year. Enjoy this great split.


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  1. Hey thanks for the heads up about the links, we got them all fixed so this and our other recordings are all back on the myspace. You should post single state of man's 12" and split w/ kontrapunkt if you can, great songs.
    Thanks again for the awesome blog!
    jason/men as trees