torsdag 8 oktober 2009

Saosin - TTN and Demo

As Mozzy already posted Alexisonfire, i thought it was my time to come out with my fagcore experiences. And this blog is about music we enjoy, not some specific genre.

Ive loved Saosin since i first heard them. Translating The Name is and will always be my fav record. I can cry to it, smile to it, laugh to it, dance to it. It's amazing in my opinion. The demo is really good as well. Dont know if its the complete demo though.
I hope you'll think outside youre little genre-boxes and give this band a chance. You don't have to like it, hate it if you want to. But not without hearing TTN.

PS. After TTN they are pretty worthless.. DS.

Translating The Name,

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