fredag 2 oktober 2009


As most of you already know, Kidcrash is a 4-piece screamo/emo/math-rock band from Portland, Oregon. They formed in 2000 under the name The Kidcrash, but now just go by Kidcrash. I posted most of this on my old blog but when I got the new release I realized nothing by them has been posted yet, so I might as well get it over with although you can find all of these on most likely any other decent blog, but whatever. Here's just about everything they've released including their highly anticipated newest release titled "Snacks". Enjoy.

New Ruins
Demo 2006
Split w/ L'antietam
I Haven't Had A Date In 4 Years Goldie Hawn Goldie Hawn Goldie Hawn EP
Split w/ Arse Moreira

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