tisdag 6 oktober 2009


I'm a little late as usual, partially because I'm rarely ever on anymore, but I stumbled across this band a while ago and this is some stuff definitely worth checking out. Boyfriends is a 3-piece post-punk band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania that features members of 1994!. Although it's 2 members from 1994! and only 3 songs, I personally think all 3 songs are great and in my opinion, it's a little better than 1994!. Don't sleep on this. Enjoy.


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  1. Low AL Foto

    Also reading the word "fagcore" is a little annoying... just throwing that out there. On the other hand, I'm diggin a lot of the stuff you guys got up here. Keep it up.

  2. I myself have not once posted anything with the use of the word "fagcore", but I completely agree with you. Also, thanks for the kind words and thanks for all the great photos. After making these posts, I was going to make a post about your blog/flickr, but this guy already beat me to it.

    -iwishididnthatemyself ;)