måndag 19 oktober 2009


andtheywillriot! is a 5-piece screamo band from London, United Kingdom. Here's their debut EP titled "Kick Up The Leaves, This Is Autumn" which was released some time in 2006. According to their blogspot, they should have a new record out soon most likely on We Heart Records, where you can also purchase this EP I'm posting. They recently added a new song off of their upcoming EP titled "The Reception" to their myspace so you can check that out here if you're interested. Also, they have a few shows coming up this weekend with Crocus so if you're from anywhere near Nottingham, Liverpool, or Southampton you should definitely be there. Enjoy.

Kick Up The Leaves, This Is Autumn

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  1. We have a new ep (our last ep) out, its free to download, its called Leonard, and its available at www.djave.co.uk/andtheywillriot/