onsdag 9 september 2009

Years Passing - I miss you. I'm pathetic.

Years Passing is a solo project by Henning from Suis La Lune.
Its dreamy ambient in a kind of way. 47 minutes of reverb and all sorts of effects. I love it anyway, if i would be making my own ambient i would have this as an influence. The songs makes me shiver, i sat listening to this on my mini-tapeplayer in the middle of the night, just listening. It was.. wonderful.

Also the tape cover is amazing, artwork done by Henning.

There are a few copies left at Fasaden, Suis La Lunes own distro or something. Go there for all your Suis La Lune Merch, the repressed 7-inch is out there as well.

This is highly recommended.

Suis La Lune,
Years Passing-I miss you. Im pathetic.

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