lördag 5 september 2009


Wolves was a 4-piece screamo/hardcore band from Amherst, Massachusetts that was formed by Brad Wallace of Orchid and Tim Glowik in 2000. Unfortunately they went on to break up a few years later in 2004, but although they weren't around for too long they managed to release a good number of records. Here's everything I have from them which is everything they've released as far as I know. We've already posted "Art.Culture.Work." and the split 12" with Transistor Transistor and also the split with Sinaloa but I'll re-post them incase you missed any. Enjoy.

Split w/ Ampere
Split w/ Sinaloa
Split w/ Transistor Transistor

3 kommentarer:

  1. i've got a wolves/kit split i think, i'll look for it tonight

  2. Sweet. Let me know if you find it please.

  3. this reminds me, you should up load the rest or orchid's stuff.... dance tonight was great but there are gems on all the records.