onsdag 9 september 2009


I posted this on Late For School a while back, which is probably the only thing I've posted on that blog (sorry Zach) and I figured I'd re-post it here. Toe is a 4-piece post-rock/instrumental/math-rock band from Japan. Here's everything they've released besides their RGBDVD which I'm too lazy to upload so you can download it here or purchase here if you're interested. You can also check out some videos of it on Youtube such as this one. Enjoy.

The Book About My Idle Plot On A Vague Anxiety
New Sentimentality
Split w/ Pele
Songs, Ideas We Forgot
Toe's song titled "8.6" off of the Husking Bee tribute album feat. Toki Asako

3 kommentarer:

  1. toe is the shit. you should check this band out, they just finished an ep and theres a link on their page to download it i think. heres a link to their myspace.


  2. Yeah, one of their band members asked me to post their stuff a while back. It was just a live demo though if I remember correctly. Here's the link to that
    and I'll definitely check that ep out. Thanks for the info man.

  3. by the way, if you like toe, you need to check out LITE, also out of japan. very good. love early material.