måndag 14 september 2009

Phoenix Bodies

I posted this quite some time ago on my old blog and I just realized it hasn't been posted yet so I figured I'd re-post it here. Phoenix Bodies is a 5-piece chaotic screamo/hardcore band from various areas throughout Indiana. They formed in 2001 and have gone through a shitload of line-up changes during their time and they're currently singed to Level-Plane and numerous other great record labels. Here's everything I have from them which I'm pretty sure is everything they've released, if not please let me know what I'm missing. Enjoy.

Mutton Dagger
Raise The Bullshit Flag
Too Much Information
Cobra Commander 2008
Split w/ Raein
Split w/ Enkaphalin
Split w/ Hewhocorrupts
Split w/ La Quiete

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