tisdag 22 september 2009

North Of America


"North of America was a rock band from Nova Scotia that has recorded with Matlock Records in Canada and the American label Level Plane Records. Members of Halifax’s State Champs and Truro’s The Motes formed North of America in 1997. They have toured throughout North America and Europe, and members have been involved with other musical projects such as The Plan, The Holy Shroud, Instruments, Vkngs, The Got To Get Got, Ov Gramme, production for Buck 65, and composition of original music for the award winning CBC television show Street Cents."

For fans of The Get-Up Kids, (Early) Kidcrash and Fifth Hour Hero.

Bayonet Point
Brothers, Sisters (Great Album)
Elements Of An Incomplete Map
The Sepultura
These Songs Are Cursed
This is Dance Floor Numerology

3 kommentarer:

  1. brothers sisters is one of my favorite albums... i have been meaning to post this shit for a couple weeks! nice!

  2. Cool, never heard this band before thanks for the awesome tip!

  3. This band freakin rules :) Jeremy from DR