måndag 7 september 2009

I Hate Myself

If you didn't know already, I Hate Myself was a late 90's 3-piece emo/screamo band from Gainesville, Florida that formed some time in 1996 and I'm not quite sure when they broke up. I believe this was requested by someone in the Last.fm group and I was pretty surprised it hasn't been posted yet. In my opinion, this band was amazing and I don't really understand all the hate they get. A lot of people claim they were a joke band probably due to their name and most of their lyrics seeming like they're poking fun at or making fun of most emo/screamo bands, but I don't know nor do I even really care. Whatever, here's everything they've released. Enjoy.

2 Songs
3 Songs
4 Songs
10 Songs
Split w/ Twelve Hour Turn
Split w/ Strikeforce Diablo

2 kommentarer:

  1. good post! nice find on that split with twelve hour turn!

  2. Sorry..in "10 songs", Kamizake song is not cut?. Sorry for my english , i want to say: lyrics of that song are more long, i think :S