fredag 11 september 2009

Circle Takes The Square

This was requested and amazingly not up.
This is one of the best new screamo bands out there, if you havent heard of them you are living under a rock or something. Also one of the biggest out there, 1.8 million scrobbles and counting.
This isnt like anything you will ever hear. They have an amazing sound, often called Experimental Screamo. Only band that comes up in their level is I Would Set Myself On Fire For You.

Lastfm says:
"Circle Takes the Square (often abbreviated CTTS) is an Experimental screamo band from Savannah, Georgia, USA. The band formed in 2001 as a four-piece and after their first two releases they lost a guitarist but gained another in late 2004. What listeners tend to notice first about the band is the loud screaming of both male and female vocals that often function in a kind of call and response. Skillful, chaotic drumming coupled with intense, highly technical bass/guitar work have served to separate the band from most others in the screamo genre."

Official Site,
As The Roots Undo
Big Cartel

4 kommentarer:

  1. awesome band seen them live a few times and the shows are amazing the lighting and everything is perfect and they currently working on a new cd that has been taking over 2 years and this band isnt new its just unknown but its good to see people finally hearing about them, they are so lyrical and chaotic and calm at the same time i love it all, but yeah since i already have these cds original and a vinyl by any chance can you get the remixes up i am having a hard time finding them...

  2. i only have one remix, sorry :[

    och johan, vad är det för låtar på spliten?

  3. Patchwork Neurology och We're Sustained By The Corpse Of A Fallen Constellation. det här är verkligen världens bästa band, hands down.