fredag 21 augusti 2009

These Branches

"My name is Nick Hertzberg, I am the vocalist/guitarist of These Branches from NJ.

I am a big blog reader, used to run one myself but kinda let it go, and enjoy so many
of the bands on yours. I thought I would maybe send you my bands album,
since you had your email up for it, let you see how you enjoy it
and maybe give us feedback, or even post it if you would want to!

We made 50 copies of our First EP in physical form,
everyone was hand numbered and had a different cover
and lyric insert then any other album.
We also are giving away another version of it (4 out of 5 songs)
for FREE on the Internet.
This way to still make our ART important but let any one hear
the music for nothing at all too.

We are a 2 piece, and have been playing in this band for about a half year-
but played in previous bands together. We scrapped doing hardcore
and "metal"-esque acts to embrace our rock love and also
influence from the 1990s indie/emo scene.

I don't wanna take up all your time but if you can
just check out the album, each song is unique and different
and means something to us, so we hope you enjoy!"

These guys emailed me as you can see. They have a few really catchy song! Check it out.

Blank Pages & Blank Faces

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