tisdag 11 augusti 2009

Stevan Flipovic

Stevan Flipovic was a 4-piece screamo band from Istanbul, Turkey who broke up towards the end of last year after only releasing this Demo which was released on Pati Patu Prima Records. 3 members currently play in Circuits Made Flesh and 1 member plays in The Bitmap Workshop which I might post later. It's a shame so many good bands or bands with good potential call it quits so soon. Oh well, I randomly came across this and I enjoyed it and I hope you do too.

Demo 2007

3 kommentarer:

  1. fuck yeah, turkish screamo is my favorite. i know the drummer and i talked on msn with the singer, fuckin great guys. upload more turkish screamo! (you only have about 1-2 bands left :/)

  2. i downloaded this a few weeks ago after getting an email from these guys, i got some Noisy Sins of the Insect lyrics from them. Great blog btw, I'm on the team at Skream Your Lungs Out and have my own blog, wanna trade links?

  3. yeah sure insideabox! ill link you :)