fredag 21 augusti 2009

Love Lost But Not Forgotten

Love Lost But Not Forgotten was a 5-piece screamo band from St. Louis, Missouri that consisted of ex-members of End Over End and The Paxadils. They formed in 1997 and I'm pretty sure they broke up a few years ago, but I'm not sure of the exact year. Here's everything I have from them which might be everything they've released or it might not. Fill me in if I'm missing anything. In my opinion, the split with Joshua Fit For Battle is alright, but the S/t and Upon The Night are pretty good. Enjoy.

Self Titled
Upon The Night, I Saw A New Misery
Split w/ Joshua Fit For Battle

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  1. Great band, just got into them and JFFB both. I really wish Neil Perry stayed together, but this'll suffice.