fredag 21 augusti 2009

The Assistant

The Assistant was a 4- piece screamo band from various areas of New Jersey that existed from 1999 to 2003. They were a very positive band and lyric wise they addressed and focused mainly on issues involving politics, religion, sexual abuse, imperialism, and police brutality just to name a few. Although they weren't around for too long they managed to release a good number of records and were also featured on several compilations during their time. Here's the majority of things they've released and I've already posted their split with Takaru but I'll post the link again incase you missed it. It's definitely worth checking out. Well, I'm gonna be gone for about 5 days or so, so you'll have to rely on Johan and Zach to hold it down. Enjoy.

Self Titled
In The Year Of The Dawg
Split w/ Takaru & This Ship Will Sink
We'll Make The Road By Walking
Split w/ A Days Refrain

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