fredag 24 juli 2009

Transistor Transistor

Transistor Transistor is a hardcore/screamo band from Derry, New Hampshire that formed some time in 2001. I can't seem to find their Demo anywhere so if anybody has it I'd really appreciate it if you could send it my way. Other than that, here's everything else they've released including their latest LP "Ruined Lives." Enjoy.

Erase All Name And Likeness
Ruined Lives
Self Titled (2002)
Split w/ Wolves
Put Down The Bible, Pick Up The Bottle

4 kommentarer:

  1. here:

    it's put down the bible, pick up the bottle, which is essentially the CD version of the EP you're looking for, only with a couple of additional songs on it. don't have the demo though.

  2. They also released a split with some band called Mannequin. I've only got the record but no mp3s though.

  3. what about the young vampires 7?