torsdag 16 juli 2009

God & Country

God & Country was a very underrated Progressive/Indie/Psychedelic band from New England. I'm not sure when they broke up or if they even did, but apparently they just stopped playing shows sometime in early 2008. Unfortunately, their guitarist Dominic was killed in a tragic accident at a show on December 5th, 2008. Dominic was also in other bands including Last Lights, Haunted Like A House, and Culture Is A Steal. Here's God & Country's LP titled Moloch and I'll include a video about Dom incase more of you were interested in what happened.

The songs in the video in order are "And Where You Are Is Where You Are Not" by God & Country, and "Black Rain Falls" and "Do What Thou Wilt" by Haunted Like A House. I'll include the HLAH stuff as well. More people need to know about this band.I hope you like it. Enjoy. RIP Dominic Owen Mallary.

God & Country - Moloch
Haunted Like A House

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