måndag 13 juli 2009

I have something i want to share with you

Hi fellow blogfollowers, just wanna say thanks for downloading and sharing this blog. Love ya

But now i want YOU to help me make this a better blog.
As you may have noticed some bands have sent me their music for me to upload. Also, a few people have sent me some other bands that they dont even play in, that they just like alot.
Anyway, if you want your favourite band och your own band up on the blog just email me at Nahoj005@gmail.com with links for download and such.

Music is meant to be shared, so let me help you share it. Let me help you spread those wonderful tunes that fills your heart with emotions and makes your body move to the beat.

Please do drop a comment about what you think of the blog and how you think i can improve this blog n such, its you guys who use this blog, not me.
Peace out
//Johan S

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