söndag 19 juli 2009

Allegory Of The Cave


1. Track 01
2. Track 02
3. Track 03
4. Track 04
5. Track 05
6. Track 06
7. Track 07
8. Track 08

Split with Spectres

Allegory Of The Cave:
1. The Sentimental Value Of A Stuffed Teddy Bear
2. Brainstorm Crushed The Science Fair
3. Mike Cries At Movies
4. Slowly Declining

(the bands' songs have been confused with each other and are therefore tagged wrong, don't blame me for this)

Most of the old download links on my other blog have expired, so I thought I'd start re-posting some of them. Johan wanted me to put this upload on this blog too.
I'll start with one of my all time favorite bands, Allegory Of The Cave. I stumbled across their song The Flood We Started, The Flood We Drowned In (or simply known as demo track 03) about 3 years ago, and was instantly in love. AOTC was a two-piece from Orlando, Florida who made noisy screamo with the worst recording quality ever, but were yet softly melodic at times, everything in a very unique and totally awesome way.
I don't know much about the other band on the split, Spectres, other than that they also had a track on a 4 way split tape limited to 100 copies with the bands The Short Blooming, Vlado Petrik and Zarathustra Has Been Killed In The 70's, that I happen to have in my collection alongside the Allegory Of The Cave/Spectres split 7", which is unfortunately out of print, but if it'll ever show up on eBay or something, take the chance to buy it because this is in my opinion one of the best screamo records ever made. Buy the tape too, it has amazing artworks of a whale in a tree.

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