lördag 13 juni 2009


Siberia is another band from Toronto that i was tipped about.
And this is their Myspace.

The first song just blew me away, so beautiful. Instrumental post-rock with a tittle twist towards indie. Reminds me about the great post-rock band Moonlit Sailor.
Tremolos and sweet bass lines mixes up perfectly. The music paints up a beautiful landscape, i can imagine a great ocean and some boats riding the waves over the horizon.
Really good music makes my heart sing, and this band does that to my heart right now, check it out.

This is what some other person said about Siberia

"Siberia, an instrumental quartet drawing inspiration from mid-to-late-90s Midwestern emo-indie rock, opened the show. For fans of long-disbanded acts like Mineral and Christie Front Drive, Siberia’s brooding melodic guitars and crashing climaxes were a welcome reminder of how good emo once was."


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