söndag 14 juni 2009

The Saddest Landscape

I fixed the links for the Siberia post, sorry for that one.

This is a must. The Saddest Landscape is a screamo band from the 90's and they kick ass. Passionate music with a voice filled with so much feeling it almost bursts. The tones of the guitar carries me away to some other place when i close my eyes and just enjoy the vibrations flowing into my ears, as the tones carefully rip apart the silence.

Their earlier tunes has alot of punk to it as well.
They broke up a few years ago but they reunited a few months ago and is now up and running. This band is such a classic, check it out.

All is Apologized for, All is Forgiven (disc 1)
All is Apologized for, All is Forgiven (disc 2)
I Dont Want To Miss You Anymore

2 kommentarer:

  1. i have all their other albums if you want to add them to the list

  2. all is apologized... is a collection of all albums before they first broke up, right?