fredag 19 juni 2009

Merchant Ships

Reminds me of old emo. Sounds a little like James Dean, but a more "heartbroken" voice, kinda. If you digg James this is something for you. Some mixed screaming vocals that almost makes me jizz in my pants. Guitar melodies are light and amazing. Check it out

I Want to Forget About Everything Bad That Ever Happened, Ever

3 kommentarer:

  1. this band just broke up, actually...
    but there is another band from the same are doing very similiar. you should try looking up Sleep Patterns.

  2. are they really broken up? there amazing btw <3

  3. they break up all the time. its pretty much the same group of dudes in midwest pen pals, merchant ships, my head in clouds, park jefferson, grown ups(ish), and all the similar bands.