lördag 27 juni 2009

Calculator/Moldar Split

I was lucky enough to pick this amazing split up last weekend when I saw Calculator,who was on a small bay area tour with John Cota.The show was pretty fun and both Calculator and John Cota played great sets.It was nice to hear new songs from both of them as well.I listened to this the entire way home (about an hour 30 min or so) and I still can't stop listening.Both sides are great and although Moldar is splitting up soon,I'm really looking forward to their last release and also seeing them in August on their tour w/ Matsuri.This is definitely one of the best releases I've heard in a while so don't sleep on this and be sure to check out Moldar on one of their summer tour dates.Enjoy.Oh and this has been posted before,but Mark in Moldar has another band called Baby's Breath.Check em out if you haven't already.Thank you.

1. Our Homes, Our Graves
2. Paradise
3. Bandages

4. Growing Roots...
5. ...and eyes in the back of my head


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