torsdag 16 april 2009


This band from Redlands, California were friends of a friend of mine and were around from 2004-2006. I actually learned a lot from them in the little time I spent with them in their short existence and I think that their sound was something to be heard, but never got it's chance, just give it a listen, its seriously worth it...Late.

Demo 2005

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  1. Oh, I had been considering to upload them to my other blog, I thought I was like the only person in the world who knew about them. It's pretty cool-as-fuck that you even knew them personally. they were awesome.

  2. Damn! That actually means a a lot that you have even heard of them! I'm glad, I thought only our little area got to hear this. Yea, my friend was friends with them since he was a kid, but then the singer had a child, and the drummer started wearing abercrombie and fitch and flip flop sandals and hated playing music or something, but I'll try to get some of the older stuff if I can. Or if they recorded any of the new shit that some of the members have tried to start up since the swiss' break up.