lördag 25 april 2009

Summer time and some info!

Summer, the best part of the year ever. Music, love, shows, just feeling happy.
Also, schools about to end and that means alot of work to do, and i have to try to get more social. And its my birthday soon (sweet sixteen yeeeeaaaah). I wont be putting up that much music, maybe a post or two a day so you know, my internet sucks and my computer is barely alive. I hope that you like what I and the others have posted so far, its amazing to see that so many have visited this blog that I started.
And that was just some lame writing, if anyone cares.

Also we have Mr. Darb (aka brademony from angrymusicforangrysouls) who I just invited, im sure hes gonna put up some awesome shit!

Also, thanks a ton for supporting this blog and downloading. A big thanks to all the bands that sent me their music, if you want to get posted, just email me!


2 kommentarer:

  1. plan a summer trip out to the states so you can see Loma too :x hehehe

  2. its all about the money :(