lördag 11 april 2009

The Spirit Of Versailles

"The Spirit of Versailles is a screamo/hardcore band out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota that existed from July 1998 - October 2000. The original line up was Tanner Olsen (guitar), Eric Evenson (bass), BJ Anderson (vocals) and Matt McFarland (drums)" (from lastfm)
A heartbroken voice ripping the void apart, sweet guitars tearing your emotions apart and drums crashing into your ears. This is chaotic (but still controlled, you know the deal), desperate and amazing. Charged with plenty of feeling and screams. I dont really know what to write, but you should check this band out. These guys were something special. Kthxbai

Discography (part 1)

Discography (part 2)

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