tisdag 28 april 2009

My new records

So this is some records i got yesterday. Everything is awesome, exept the luca brasi cd. It sucked. Really, all the cds were epic exept luca brasi. And im sorry, i cant find the tracklist for the apoplexy twist orchestra split, sorry. Enjoy

Wolves - Art.Culture.Work
Kill.Kim.Novak - 03:05
Modern Life Is War - My love. My way
The Third Memory - Et de cela rien ne ressort
The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra/The Kinetic Crash Cooperation
Luca Brasi - Fear

2 kommentarer:

  1. hey man, i have the the apoplexy/kcc split. if you still need the tracklist then i'll gladly send it to you. more power to your blog.

    -tadsz ptwda

  2. thanks but i got it from a friend earlier :D