tisdag 21 april 2009

The Joint Chiefs Of Math

This is Kevin and Marcus, they sent me their self-recorded album. Kevin plays guitar and sometimes he sings, Marcus does the drumming. Together they create something that sounds like improvised awesomeness. Barely no singing exept a few songs, mostly sweet riffs and drumming, exept their best track in my opinion, "Look, Here's the Moon: We're On It", and theres a shout or two in some other songs.
Another cool song is "YOUSGUYS" where they've used the flanger (i think) effect on the guitar, making the guitar go up and down in a way thats pretty hard to explain so i wont even try. This is something you problably havent heard before (atleast i have'nt), or you have. But try it anyway. Also check out their cool Myspace.

You Are Here

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