onsdag 1 april 2009

Hot cross

Hot cross was formed from a numerous of bands, like saetia and neil perry. Singer is actually Billy Werner from saetia. The big difference between saetiabilly and hotcrossbilly is mainly that in hot cross he knows how to sing.
A very technical band, uses hard guitar riffs and such. I loved this band since i first spun A new set of lungs on my cdplayer, 15 minutes of awesomeness. Risk revival is their worse album, but its still really good. The best album imo is their first, a new set of lungs. All albums are good as i said but to me a new set of lungs is something special.
By some called post-hardcore, and by some screamo. I would call this screamo though. Judge for yourself.

A new set of lungs
Risk revival
Fair trades and farewells

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