fredag 3 april 2009

High Five, Atom Bomb

Johan uploaded this (he uploads alot of great stuff) at likethewolveswecrawl, but he uploaded only one album, so heres the rest. I number them after the order i upload them, cancer dog being the first and so on.
The first album is pretty indie/emoish with guitar strumming and several voices singing. Its a really nice album, no dist or screaming. Something for the fan of old emo like de!d!. Recording has a very low volume also.
The second one is more to the screamo way, light plucking guitars that slowly build up to that epic climax with disted guitars and chaotic drumming and a screaming voice tearing down the void. Although it does sound a little to mainstream for me to love it 100%, but its good, really good. They are dove's eyes is a nice song (note that theres one song with the same title on the third album, they dont sound alike though).
The third and last, which is the one Johan uploaded, is also alot like the second, but with a little less build-up. And its got a pretty bad quality on the recording. But overall its a lovely album.

The band sounds like some mix of indie and screamo, and they mix it well. Singers voice also reminds a little of mewithoutYou. Im off, enjoy some of this. High five

Cancer Dog
The stars, an escape

4 kommentarer:

  1. Vart fan fick du Cancer Dog ifrån? Den hade inte jag hittat.

  2. den fanns ju på deras myspace :')

  3. Meh, de har ju typ gjort om sin myspace helt sedan jag var där senast. Då hade de bara ett blogginlägg med sina lyrics och ett med nedladdningslänkt till The stars, an escape, och länk till den självbetitlade på sin presentation.
    Aja, tack för uploaden iaf.

  4. haha, illa. här är det iaf!
    det var så lite så