onsdag 8 april 2009

Erik Enocksson

Farväl Falkenberg

I was talking with my friend Jesper (one of the guys behind the screamo blog a casket to call my own) about Ólafur Arnalds a couple of days ago. He asked me if he sounds anything like Erik Enocksson. How would I know? I hadn't heard him before, so I checked him out immediately. And man am I glad i did? This is the soundtrack he did to the Swedish film "Farväl Falkenberg" by Jesper Ganslandt, and I must honestly say it's the most wonderful movie soundtrack I've heard since The Fountain (film by Darren Aronofsky, music by Clint Mansell, always a perfect combination). The movie itself is totally worth checking out, it's pretty down-tempo but really beautiful, and it's really DIY and realistically acted with the director and his real life friends and family playing the leading parts.

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