onsdag 15 april 2009

The Casket Lottery

The Casket Lottery was or is a three-piece indie rock band from Kansas City, Missouri, who according to their wikipedia page still refuses to call themselves "broken up". The band was a side project formed in 1997 by members of local Kansas City hardcore band Coalesce, though it quickly was made clear that the band would be much more then that. This is not quite a discography but it's all that I immediately have. Good passionate vocals that remind me a lot of the 90's emo sound American Football seemed to embody so well but with faster and harder guitar parts, there is a lot of talent in this band and will surprise the shit out of you, I won't go any further because my roommates are attempting to have a "party" so I am a little distracted with these party teens. P.s. the split with Small Brown Bike is no ordinary split, some other guy explains it well, "Almost two-and-a-half years in its creation, the Small Brown Bike & The Casket Lottery EP isn't another split release of throwaway songs, but a six-song collaborative effort in the truest sense, one born out of mutual musical respect, admiration and camaraderie." This split was something that I had never seen before, a style that more bands should take the time to do. Plus they cover Under Pressure together, and its magic. Late.

Dot Dot Dash Something Or Other Dot EP (1999)

Blessed/Cursed EP (2000)

The Casket Lottery/
Small Brown Bike Split (2002)
The Casket Lottery/
Hot Water Music (2002)
Choose Bronze (1999)
Moving Mountains (2000)
Survival is for Cowards (2002)
Smoke and Mirrors (2003)

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