tisdag 31 mars 2009

Loftus (+plus some)

So I posted Loftus' 2005 release Hugs&Drugs a few days ago, and my friend Sean, who's band The Upset is featured on our fellow contributors blog Angry Music For Angry Souls, sent me Loftus' earlier demos and Davis Miller's (vocals) two other projects. Loftus' demo is similar to Hugs&Drugs and the 7 inch, in which I am most thankful for, is amazing. Dave changes his vocal style which turns out to work out perfectly. You can really tell this band was truely coming together with this release, Rest in Peace Davis Miller. As for Two Shamen, it surprised me actually. In tracks 1 and 5 its a mix of southern rock-ish screamo. In between it reminds me a bit of Sed Non Setiata aside from the vocals being slightly different, and the solo in track 4 really caught my attention. Paid in Blood, I'm guessing his earliest band is nothing really impressive pretty basic metalcore except the "second" Track 1 (the tracks must be mislabeled) which is surprsingly good instrumental track which is slightly hinted throughout the demo. So here you go, Late.

Loftus 7in"
Loftus demo

Two Shamen
Paid in Blood

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