söndag 4 januari 2009


These guys have made 2 songs, and then sadly 2/3 of the band died in a car crash, the only survivor was the drummer who joined with loma prieta later. Althogh they only released 2 songs, they are better then 90% of the screamo these days. 2 of the best songs of all time imo, if they were still alive they wouldve been the greatest. Fast, beautiful, chaotic=awesome.
I just want to scream out loud when i hear this. Its a fucking shame they died, anyway here i give you their two songs: Behind trees (or AudioTrack 01), and one unnamed, AudioTrack 2. Although some of you may say they released 4 songs, but 4 and 53 sec songs are not made by sailboats as a full band, they are side projects by the members (so its rumored).
Although im not sure if the dying part is true, some say it is and some say it isnt.
Enjoy this piece of art


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