torsdag 8 januari 2009

Lightning bolt

2 piece band, one on bass and one on drums. They have some alternative tuning and such, the bass player has a 5 string bass which he tuned like a cello and replaced the two lightest strings with banjo strings. The drummer uses several effects pedals, and have a bit alternative drumset.
Lightning Bolt are known for their guerrilla-style live performances, where they typically play on the ground rather than a stage, with the crowd gathered around them. The bands sound is typically loud and aggressive, not much lyrics, and when there are, you cant hear a shit.
They play some kind of noiserock/noisegrind. More albums comming up when ive uploaded em.

Hypermagic mountain
Ride the skies
John peel session 2004 (one long radio live recording)
Wonderful rainbow
Tour 7"

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